Press release and handouts 10/9/2012 NRC San Onofre public meeting

No risky restart says public at today’s NRC meeting on San Onofre.  NRC License amendment process and adjudicatory evidentiary hearing demanded to ensure safety.

Edison’s plan to restart the Unit 2 nuclear reactor safely is to watch for radiation leaks. That’s not a safety plan. That’s a nuclear experiment.

Restarting San Onofre with the the most defective steam generators in the nation is a recipe for nuclear disaster. We just went through nine months and a hot summer without any nuclear power — why take the risk when we don’t need the energy?

The new steam generators are designed to last longer, said Mike Wharton, manager of the steam-generator replacement project. “They are designed for 40 years,” he said. “We expect we’ll actually be able to get 60 years out of them … better materials, better design. You learn over the course of years what works well and what doesn’t, and you try to build it into the next generation.”

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2 Responses to Press release and handouts 10/9/2012 NRC San Onofre public meeting

  1. rsauerheber says:

    Thanks for doing this tonight. I wanted to go from here in San Marcos but I got swamped with students at work. Plus I noticed that there could be a ‘long review’ of the plant in today’s paper.

    What I wanted to say tonight was that it is possible the wear on the tubes that were constructed at such high density may be caused simply by the higher number of radioactive nuclides present in the larger water volume in the unit that bombard the tubes from both sides (now closer together). I know that nuclear warheads have this very problem, where the metal tips that house the plutonium are so radioactive that the metal itself becomes degraded fromthe radiation bombardment and requires regular replacement.

    I also wanted to say that we should put the Edison land at San Onofre to better use, namely by installing solar panels over the whole area. This way the residents nearby don’t have to take iodine pills and there will be zero radioactive emissions form the power plant facility, as opposed to the massive emissions that we have put up with and have been exposed to now for so long. One of my students told me today that it is his father who was fired by San Onofre after whistleblowing some safety violations. He is now prohibited from speaking at any public hearing about the plant and I think that is un-Constitutional. The people you are trying to advise are therefore unethical and un-American.

    Richard Sauerheber, Ph.D.

    Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 01:50:39 +0000 To:

  2. bendavis54 says:

    Like it! Great quote.

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