Nightmare of Nuclear Waste

An excellent educational video showing the many problems of nuclear waste.

Learn more about radiation monitoring.
Learn more about radiation health risks.

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6 Responses to Nightmare of Nuclear Waste

  1. rsauerheber says:

    I was hoping that you could contact a lab who is willing to take soil samples in the San Clemente area at various distances from the San Onofre plutonium generator plant stacks. It is very likely that thus far significant contamination has accumulated near the plant that diminishes with distance from it. We sorely need this quantitative information.
    Dr. Richard Sauerheber

    • Dear Dr Sauerheber – each nuclear plant is required to maintain an environmental monitoring program and report the results. San Onofre’s annual report for 2011 was submitted in May 2012. Soil sample results on p. 61 of the pdf. Local crop sample results (lettuce, sorrel, strawberries, tomatos) on the pages before that. Many other surveys and samples are also reported. Your conclusion about what’s very likely is not at all backed up by existing data.

      Report is available at

  2. Thank you for all you do.
    We humbly offer this as another attempt at outreach and letting folks know the real score.
    San Onofre – America’s Fukushima?

    Do Citizens of Earth Have the Right to a Radiation-free Environment?

    And my special project:
    Earth Aid

    With greatest respect,
    your friend,

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