City Council Handouts

The following handouts are for City Councils concerned about San Onofre.

We encourage you to speak at city council meetings about the problems at San Onofre.  Cities normally have a three minute public comment period.  This is an opportunity to educate our communities about the problems at San Onofre.  Ask your City Council to put this issue on the agenda.  Handouts are available for download and printing on this website. For additional assistance, please contact us.

Historical Handouts used for San Onofre Shutdown Effort

7 Responses to City Council Handouts

  1. patricia borchmann says:

    Gary Headley –
    The new SOS website is an ideal centralized resource, for citizens in all reactor communities. The hand-out materials for City Councils concerned about San Onofre provide valuable tool(s) for citizens in other communities. I am working on an effort for Escondido City Council 07 25 12 FYI.
    Thank you for your efforts to form and activate SOS!
    Patricia Borchmann

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