Arnie Gundersen: Worst Steam Generators in Nation

Peggy Pico of KPBS interviews Fairewinds Associates’ chief engineer Arnie Gundersen about Fairewinds’ latest report commissioned by Friends of the Earth. Fairewinds reviewed NRC data and leaked documents from Edison that show that the tube wear and failure at San Onofre is worse than all other U.S. nuclear plants combined.

San Onofre: Bad Vibrations

Arnie Gundersen demonstrates what has happened inside the replacement steam generators at the site of the San Onofre nuclear generating station in San Diego, California. Arnie shows that steam generator tube vibrations have caused extensive damage due to design changes between the original and replacement generator tubes. For transcript, visit Fairewinds’ website.

Steam Generator Problems – Summary and Chart

Steam Generator Tubes Plugged Chart

Steam Generator Reports by Fairewinds Associates

See more reports about San Onofre at Fairewinds Associates website.

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