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  1. Dean says:

    Hello, People Against Nukes!
    From July 7th to July 18th, No Nukes Action Committee will coordinate a California-wide anti-nukes tour with an anti-nukes activist from Fukushima, Chieko Shiina of the founder of Fukushima Women Against Nuclear Power! She will start the tour with local anti-nukes activists, and stops almost everywhere from San Diego to Sonoma! If you lived in California, she will stop in 2 hours radius of your neighborhood, so don’t miss this chance!

    July 7th: San Diego
    July 8th: Irvine
    July 9th: Los Angels
    July 10th: Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo
    July 11th: Santa Cruz
    July 12th: San Jose
    July 13th: Pt. Reyes
    July 14th: Sonoma, San Francisco
    July 15th: Berkeley, San Francisco
    July 16th: San Francisco
    July 17th: Oakland
    July 18th: Sebastopol

    Please see the attached flyer + our website for the entire schedule, and spread the word!!:

    Who is Chieko Shiina?
    Activist Chieko Shiina organized as a youth in farmer and student movements. She participated in the fight against the US-Japan Mutual Security Treaty, opposing the strengthening of military ties between the two countries. After the earthquake on March 11, 2011 and the subsequent ongoing nuclear disaster, she helped form Fukushima Women Against Nuclear Power, reached out to communities of affected women all over Japan to support local organizing against nuclear power, and coordinated with 100 women from Fukushima to set up a “Women’s 10 Months and 10 Days Sit-In”, which became a space for women from all over Japan to gather, communicate, and organize.

    Support the Tour!
    We are trying our best to make this tour happen. But we need donation for the gas money, flight expense, food, coffee and chewing gum for drivers and coordinators! Please contact Steve Zeltzer: Telephone (415) 867-0628 or Umi Hagitani: if you want to support Telephone (917) 774-4079 Funds must be sent to: the tour care of Labor Video Project P.O. Box 720027 San Francisco, CA 94172!

    We are looking forward to seeing you, and hoping to keep our heads together to fight the nukes!

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