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  1. F. Williamson says:


    1. Complaints fell on deaf ears over two years about the fouled up tech spec books, LCOARs and EDMRs. Not until another plant was heavily fined for the same thing did SONGS finally take the problem seriously. In the interim, supervisor, Ernie Torres, systematically went after me, along with his cronies, to get me fired because I dared to defy his demand I update these books with fouled up inserts (i.e., chapter 1, page 10 on one side, chapter 112, page 3 on the other). I told him I could not in good conscious update the books with inserts so messed up that the engineers have to rely on. He took offense to my refusal and vowed to have my job. I later told the NRC about what was done to me and they did nothing to help me. I got access to an email ( that Ernie Torres sent to a married female temporary clerk where he told her he ‘missed seeing her breasts.’ Her husband, being in the miitary, got an immediate transfer to anoher camp when his wife showed him the email. There were other scandulous acts by this man that I will not go in to.

    2. I found an operations supervisor, Jose Garza, had been signing off NRC mandated work orders that he was not authorized to sign. I found several spanning over beyond the time period he had been reprimanded over and over again to quit doing this, but he kept doing it anyway. He was regularly late coming in and he had his ‘crew’ cover for him, claiming he was out in the plant. That was ‘code’ for he was hung over and coming in late again. No one ever checked into this because he was a supervisor/manager. He was having an affair with a married clerk. When she went out on maternaty leave he racked several hours of calls from his phone calling her at home almost daily. Even those who knew refused to do anything about it. He wasn’t fired until he was jailed for his umpteeth dui and tried to have an attorney cover it up. Apparently, he wasn’t coming out of prison for some time and they weren’t going to hold his job for him.

    3. Becky Oroweiller was an operations clerk. I covered her desk while she was out on maternity leave. She was responsible, in part, for collecting data from a specific location in plant and logging it in a book. She was also responsible for the maintenance for certain NRC files. I found both in a mess and hardly ever done. I scrambled trying to clean up her mess, and usually spent unpaid overtime working on this. I notified another group she support under manager, Harshman, that the data and logs they had depended on her to maintain had not been done for months. They scrambled trying to reconstruct lost information just two weeks before the NRC discovered it on their own. I wasn’t the only clerk who had to clean up after Becky Oroweiller. Later, Becky’s relationship with certain management personnal landed her a promotion as a supervisor. I later found out that because Becky was not capable of doing her job, she blamed a very capable and very hard working subordinate and had her fired.

    4. GANG MEMBERS ARE WORKING THERE! Manny Vasquez was sent to prison for his gang-related role at attempted murder of a teenager in Oceanside. He was working up there. His wife works in payroll and his mother-in-law works in background checks. Apparently, no one cares about this. Which makes me wonder how they got past the phsychological exam. So how many other gang members are working up there that none of us know about?

    The plant is only as safe as the people who work there. Sadly, SONGS has always had a diseased epidemic of autocratic egomaniacs that are more concerned about their own self importance than doing the right thing. It’s the same ‘rank and file’, ‘good ole boy’ mentality that keeps getting them into trouble.

    Murray Jennex probably doesn’t remember me, but I remember him. His wife and I were friends. Laurie was going to be whistle blower when she first married him. She was told that if she said anything, it would be end of his career. So even he didn’t know that she kept his mouth shut for his sake.

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