Laguna Woods

city hall Laguna Woods

City Hall, 24264 El Toro Rd, Laguna Woods, CA      949-639-0500

Laguna Woods City Council adopts San Onofre Resolution 15-02 regarding concerns about continued storage of 1,609 metric tons of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel at San Onofre.

Part of the resolution states that while the waste remains on-site “…it must be stored in a manner that is as safe as possible including, but not limited to, that it is inspectable, transportable, and includes continuous, real-time monitoring information that is made available to the public…” and

“…that the proper storage and disposition of spent nuclear fuel must be a consideration in the decommissioning process and that the decommissioning plan must not be considered complete until those issues are resolved…”

See Laguna Woods Resolution 15-02 SONGS Storage and Spent Nuclear Fuel.

The resolution was adopted at the January 21, 2015 City Council Meeting.

Community members spoke about significant and urgent issues concerning Southern California Edison’s plan to spend almost $1.3 billion for canisters that cannot be inspected or adequately maintained. A similar Holtec canister at Diablo Canyon has conditions for cracking after only two years of use due to salt in the marine environment, yet Edison is ignoring this and other critical information. See Reasons to buy thick nuclear waste dry storage casks and myths about nuclear waste storage.

The resolution along with the following letters were sent from the Mayor to state and federal regulators and elected officials urging them to join immediately in efforts set forth in this resolution.

Thanks to the following city councilmembers for taking action and for raising awareness on this critical issue:

  • Mayor Cynthia Conners, J. D
  • Mayor Pro Tem Noel Hatch
  • Councilmember Shari L. Horne
  • Councilmember Carol Moore


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