GAO Audits

The U.S. General Accountability Office (GAO) is the investigative arm of Congress charged with the auditing and evaluation of government programs and activities.  It audited a number of departments involved in regulating the nuclear energy industry and found serious deficiencies.  These affect the safety of U.S. nuclear nuclear reactors.

  • Fire protection – NRC regulations too weak.

06/2008  Oversight of Fire Protection at U.S. Commercial Nuclear Reactor Units Could Be Strengthened

  • Underground pipe leaks –  NRC regulations too weak.

06/2011  Oversite of Underground Piping Systems Commensurate with Risk, but Proactive Measures Could Help Address Future Leaks

  • Safety culture – NRC regulations non-existent.

09/2006 Oversite of Nuclear Power Plant Safety Has Improved, but Refinements Are Needed

  • Nuclear plants (originally developed to produce enriched uranium for national defense) – subsidized by taxpayers.

08/15/1975 Selected Aspects of Nuclear Power Plant Reliability and Economics

  • Insurance liability – requirements inadequate.

05/2004 NRC’s Liability Insurance Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants Owned by Limited Liability Companies

  • Aging nuclear plant safety – NRC regulations too weak

05/2004 NRC Needs to More Aggressively and Comprehensively Resolve Issues Related to the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant’s Shutdown

  • NRC minimizes significance of security and safety problems by using “non-cited violations”.  Non-cited violations do not require verification the problem has been fixed.

09/2003 Oversight of Security at Commerical Nuclear Power Plants Needs to Be Strengthened 

  • NRC has a history of poor safety oversite, putting public safety at risk

08/13/1987 Efforts To Ensure Nuclear Power Plant Safety Can Be Strengthened

  • DOE’s Loan Guarantee Program unfairly favors nuclear energy over renewable energy solutions

07/2010 Further Actions Are Needed to Improve DOE’s Ability to Evaluate and Implement the Loan Guarantee Program

  • No measurements to track worldwide nuclear energy safety improvement progress

04/2010 Convention on Nuclear Safety is Viewed by Most Member Countries as Strengthening Safety Worldwide
  • Lithium-7 is critical to safely operate U.S. nuclear pressurized water reactors, yet little is known about lithium-7 production in China and Russia and whether their supplies can meet our future domestic demand.

9/2013 Stewardship of Lithium-7 Is Needed to Ensure a Stable Supply

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