CNI Fact Sheet

Here are the facts – Don’t be fooled – Protect your family

Ballot initiative 11-0042 seeks closure of both the San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear power plants.

It requires existing nuclear power plants to comply with the same state laws that apply to new nuclear power plants. Current state law exempts existing nuclear power plants from the laws for new nuclear plants. This initiative proposes to remove that exemption. The language in this initiative was carefully chosen to minimize possible legal challenges.

California law recognizes that the risks of nuclear energy outweigh the benefits and that nuclear fission is the least desirable means of producing electrical energy.

California currently has an energy surplus greater than the energy supplied by these nuclear plants.

The Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) financial analysis is seriously flawed.

The analysis was based on the assumption there will be rolling blackouts if San Onofre is shut down, saying San Onofre is necessary to maintain electrical grid stability in the L.A. area.

However, the LAO has no written evidence from any government agency stating there will be blackouts. Their information is based solely on conversations with the California Independent System Operator’s (CAISO) staff. The LAO will not reveal who they spoke to and no one they spoke to will state this on the record.

The CAISO is supposed to be an independent energy agency, but their key executives are ex-power company executives. And their only confirmed Board member is a past president of Southern California Edison (SCE). SCE is the major owner and operator of the San Onofre nuclear power plant. Also, the current California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) president is also a former SCE president.

Dangerous earthquake faults exist near both nuclear power plants.

The probability of a major earthquake occurring within the next 30 years in the San Francisco Bay area is 67% and 60% in Southern California. The nuclear plants want ratepayers to pay millions of dollars for new earthquake studies, even though the U.S. Geological Survey says scientists have never been able to predict major earthquakes.

The aging San Onofre nuclear power plant consistently has the worst safety allegations record of all 104 U.S. nuclear reactors.

The LAO suggests the nuclear power plant with the most safety allegations in the entire U.S. is too big to fail!

Help us with our grass roots campaign to shut down dangerous nuclear power plants.

Print and circulate the Petition and Fact Sheet

Source: CA Energy Commission, CA Public Utilities Commission, CA Independent System Operator, CA Legislative Analyst Office, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, U.S. Geological Survey

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