San Onofre radiation leak

This ad campaign follows report detailing Edison safety failures and regulators’ intervention at troubled nuclear reactors

A new television ad campaign targeting Southern California Edison calls on residents to let the utility know that their families come first — and that it must not restart the troubled San Onofre nuclear reactors, which are currently closed due to serious safety problems.

The ad will run all week in strong rotation at major cable news outlets in the Los Angeles and San Diego media markets. [View the ad above.]

“Why is Southern California Edison trying to reopen the plant, covering up evidence of more reactor defects?,” the ad’s narrator asks. “Profits? Demand that the safety of your family come first. Keep the San Onofre nuclear reactors shut down.”

The ad parallels the threat from San Onofre’s troubled reactors with the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan — and notes that eight million Americans live within 50 miles of San Onofre, the distance the U.S. government advised should be evacuated in the Japan disaster.

report released last week by one of the nation’s leading independent nuclear engineers revealed serious unresolved safety problems with the steam generators at San Onofre’s two aging nuclear reactors and warned the problems could lead to accidents and significant radiation releases if the reactors are allowed to restart. The paper also documented that Edison misled the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission about changes made to the reactors, failing to disclose differences between old and new steam generators that could seriously compromise the safety of the reactors.

Hours after the report was released, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced that the reactors would stay offline until the cause of the major damage to the steam generators was identified and corrective action taken. However, Southern California Edison has restated its commitment to turning the reactors back on as soon as possible.

“The Nuclear Regulatory Commission knows these reactors need to stay offline, and Southern California families know it too,” said Damon Moglen, climate and energy project director at Friends of the Earth. “But Southern California Edison is pushing ahead. That’s unacceptable, especially after it was its deception that led to this dangerous situation. People deserve better than to have their power company racing to restart dangerous nuclear reactors after one sprang a radioactive leak and when both threaten much worse.”

The ad was paid for by Friends of the Earth. It was endorsed by Citizens Oversight Projects, Committee to Bridge the Gap, Physicians for Social Responsibility — Los Angeles, Residents Organized for a Safe Environment (ROSE), San Clemente Green,, and the Peace Resource Center of San Diego, all groups representing local residents endangered by the San Onofre reactors.

Nuclear watchdog Friends of the Earth has been campaigning on the dangers of nuclear power since its founding in 1969.

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11 Responses to San Onofre radiation leak

  1. Dana Lamb says:

    Excellent video! As a resident in a full scale battle with SCE over the stringing of 500,000 volt lines within 70 feet of our homes in Chino Hills, we join your fight against SCE’s abuse of power as they continue to cut corners and threaten the health and safety of the people of California.

  2. Melissa Lamb says:

    It is becoming clearer every day just how much SCE continues to put the people of Southern California in harm’s way. My daughter drives by these reactors daily on her commute to work from Chino Hills where SCE has subjected over 4,000 people who live in the shadow of 198 ft. tall towers, which will be strung with 500,000 volts of electricity all within 70 ft of homes. So if she doesn’t get cancer here at home, she’ll get nuked on her commute! Time to put this utility monopoly in its place….out of state!
    6 hours ago · Like · 1

  3. Irene says:

    Please visit for information regarding Chino Hills, CA and the fight against SCE’s mutilation of our city by way of eighteen 200ft towers which would carry 500,000 volts of RECORD level of energy (i.e., radiation) within 70ft of homes where children live & breathe. All the result of a renewable greed energy project known as TRTP. Take a drive & visit our quaint rural community and see the towers for yourself. The CPUC toured the area & as a result, actually had the foresight to recognize a terrible mistake and HALTED the project within our city. We are currently battling for the re-route or burying of these monstrosities. SCE’s unconscionable actions MUST be stopped before people get hurt from their reckless profit driven behavior. We stand by the residents & communities suffering at the hands of SCE! TOGETHER we can make a difference!

  4. Anna Loera says:

    Southern California Edison is systematically ruining the lives of community after community. They place no value on human life and safety when it interferes with their profits. Instead we are referred to as “ratepayers” rather then parents, children, community members or any other respectful name. SCE is a disaster waiting to happen…and that really scares me. They are hellbent on destroying the things we hold most precious.

  5. Joanne says:

    This is utter nonsense with what is taken place with an abusive utility company; SCE. The TRTP Seg8A–200 ft. towers, 500,000 volts of electricity running through a densley poplulated community; Chino Hills, which is being subjected to poor decision making. Please watch this video, which explains what they are doing to city.

    • Joe Holtzman says:

      The EMF from those lines is a Class B carcinogen. See the Bio Initiative Report.

      • Irene says:

        Thank you Joe for the report reference. Yes, we are EXTREMELY concerned about the EMF exposure and SCE’s blatant disregard over people’s property, health & welfare. There are MANY children living too close to the route of these evil towers and the anxiety is beyond comprehension within our community. We are the 1st city in the USA to have this level of RECORD power placed within an existing densely populated residential community. Cal Dept of Education requires 500kv powerlines to be a minimum of 350ft from schools YET it appears SCE has carte blanche when it’s a child’s home or private daycare or business. It’s absurd!! Our city was beautiful with a rural feel and picturesque views and landscaping. The MUTILATION is disheartening. It’s beyond imaginable that we are faced with a domestic threat within our own country!! Also, our home values have plummeted & the likelihood of selling any of the homes within 200feet of these towers is remote. FHA will not loan to homes within the fall zone of powerlines (FACT). Therefore, SCE has essentially made over 300 homes unsaleable. Homes within a visual view of the towers are losing 15-40% market value and there entire community is affected by 5 – 15% depending on location. There goes a person’s primary asset and overall net worth & retirement plan. All this was UNNECESSARY as there were viable options however, they were not as quick which would produce less $$$ when it comes to deliverables for this Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP). As I mentioned above, CPUC actually has been trying to remedy by placing a HALT on the construction within our city. They know it’s wrong! We are now battling for the official request to bury within the same route or re-route through the Chino Hills State Park (preferred option). Anyways, we pray SONGS remains closed and Chino Hills prevails in their David vs. Goliath story.

      • Joe Holtzman says:

        Suggest you read:
        The Great Power-Line Cover-Up: How the Utilities and the Government Are Trying to Hide the Cancer Hazard Posed by Electromagnetic Fields [Paperback] by Paul Brodeur for complete EMF story.

  6. Joe Holtzman says:

    Time to permanently shut down Southern California Edison’s defective/ancient nuclear generation/waste station in San Onofre, California.

    It is a complete and total disaster.

    Southern California Edison has consistently lied about this facility—including falsification of health and safety records, and has now deceived the NRC–Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

    Southern California Edison also falsified Customer Satisfaction surveys, and failed miserable to comply with their own MND on the Viejo System Project to reduce EMF levels from thier above ground powerlines running thr Mission Viejo.

    The plain truth is that it is in SCE’s DNA to lie !!

  7. Debbie Deaqn says:

    Many of the customers of Southern California Edison are joining a larger army of patriots who are standing our ground to take back Public Safety. From Malibu, to Chino Hills, to South Redondo Beach and now all the cities nearby San Onofre, every individual who can see the pattern of destruction and public endangerment, needs to let their voices be heard. It is clear SCE has no concern for our safety, it’s time to challenge the regulators. Join us
    As one huge, massive voice demanding safety we will not be silenced!!

  8. Carbon Canyon Resident says:

    In celebration of the “Year of the Protester” it’s good to read about people who are standing up to huge corporations that think just because they are who they are, THEY can continue to destroy our lives, take away our security and compromise our safety. SCE…..this jig it up. (Meaning: You are caught, you are discovered, the deception is uncovered) You have been found guilty for destroying evidence; you continue to abuse your “power” against little communities thinking we’ll all back down. Well you’ve woken several sleepy communities who will not give up until you clean up your act. I’m certain the CPUC will finally set the record straight with you. You can no longer operate with a “greed” first mentality. Start by correcting the mistakes with San Onofe, Redondo Beach, Malibu and for gosh sakes TAKE THE TOWERS DOWN in CHINO HILLS! Do NOT subject children to live under 500,000 volts of electricity and stop depleting our home values!

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