Edison’s safety plan to restart San Onofre is to watch for radiation leaks

Southern California Edison’s safety plan to restart San Onofre nuclear reactor Unit 2 is to watch for radiation leaks.  They don’t know how to fix the reactor, so they’re just going to slow it down and see what happens.  Don’t allow Edison to make Southern California a nuclear experiment. Please attend the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) public meeting on October 9th in Dana Point at the St Regis (6 pm) and demand an NRC License Amendment hearing. This thorough scientific investigation would include independent nuclear experts who would be allowed to review all data available, submit their own conclusions for consideration, and allow them to cross examine industry experts in a judicial hearing in which sworn testimony is given under oath.

San Onofre has the most defective steam generators in the nation. Edison said they were supposed to last 40 years, yet they failed within two years. The NRC says the only way to know if steam generators are not working correctly is if they release radiation.

The NRC has a history of lowering safety standards to keep old nuclear plants running.  Don’t allow them to do this to us. Failed steam generators can lead to a nuclear disaster.

We had no blackouts this summer with San Onofre off-line. And our electricity grid operator has plans to avoid blackouts next year.  Why live with this risk for energy we don’t need?

Steam Generator Plugged Tube Chart
Summary of Steam Generator Problems
Southern California Edison Submits Response to Confirmatory Action Letter and Unit 2 Restart Plans to Nuclear Regulatory Commission 10/4/2012
CBG Study Shows Safety of Restarting Either Unit 2 or 3 is Questionable 9/12/2012
San Onofre’s Steam Generators: Significantly Worse than all Others Nationwide 7/11/2012
Steam Generator Tubes Plugged Chart
Tube Wear Chart CBG
NRC data. Tube wear chart prepared by Committee to Bridge the Gap
“San Onofre Unit 2 and 3 are both very ill nuclear plants.  They are far, far outside the norm of national experience,” writes Daniel Hirsch, steam generator report co-author.  “Restarting either San Onofre reactor with crippled steam generators that have not been repaired or replaced would be a questionable undertaking at best.”  Hirsch is President of the Committee to Bridge the Gap.

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2 Responses to Edison’s safety plan to restart San Onofre is to watch for radiation leaks

  1. Alison says:

    What can we do if we can’t attend the meeting?

  2. chrystal coleman says:

    email NRC Chairman McFarlane at Chairman@nrc.gov, tell her you oppose restart and you want an Adjudicatory Hearing.

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