Inspectors find ‘unusual’ wear on San Onofre steam generator tubes

Unusual wear has been found on hundreds of tubes that carry radioactive water at Southern California’s San Onofre Unit 2 nuclear plant, raising questions about the integrity of equipment the company installed in a multimillion-dollar makeover in 2009.

San Onofre Power Plant prohibited from restarting – Los Angeles Times 03/28/2012 

These steam generators had manufacturing problems from the beginning and San Onofre was allows to deviate from normal standards.  See Welding defects in Unit 3 Reactor.

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1 Response to Inspectors find ‘unusual’ wear on San Onofre steam generator tubes

  1. How long have these “unusual tube wear and welding defects” (plus, so-called minimal radiation leakage) been occurring? Within a one-day turn around, San Onofre’s spokesperson shifts from calling the Reactor 2 closure a “routine maintenance”; to now ADMITTING the grave problems the NRC inspectors have verified. The world’s media and we the people are witnessing the tangled web that non-transparency weaves.

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