Edison says they have ample reserve power without San Onofre

Although both of San Onofre’s reactor units are now offline, with no word on how soon unit 3 can be restarted, [Edison spokesperson Gil] Alexander said Edison has “ample reserve power” to supply customers.

             San Onofre: 100s of troubled tubes, gas leak – OC Register 02-02-2012

If we have “ample reserve power”, why are we taking the risk of a nuclear meltdown and radiation of our food, water and air? Why are we risking bankrupting our citizens and California?

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) says San Onofre has the worst safety record of all nuclear power plants in the USA (based on safety allegation reports) and Edison retaliates against employees who report safety problems.

The NRC and other government entities appear “powerless” to effectively safeguard us from these and other problems at San Onofre. How did one year old steam generators that appear to be defective, get approved for installation? Why does the NRC allow a nuclear plant that would not be approved by current NRC standards for new nuclear plants continue to operate? The NRC’s own data shows they lower standards in order to keep old nuclear plants like San Onofre running. They are putting profits over our safety and our financial future.

The citizens of California have an opportunity to effectively shut down both remaining nuclear plants in California. Please download and sign the California Nuclear Initiative petition so we can get it on the ballot for the November 2012 election. We need over 500,000 signatures by April.

Please share this information with others. Don’t risk California becoming Fukushima USA.

For more information on why we don’t need San Onofre’s power, see Energy Options.

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