04/23/2013 Los Angeles City Council to decide on San Onofre

UPDATE: The L.A. City Council voted 11 – 0 to approve the resolution.

Please attend Tuesday’s April 23rd 10 a.m. Los Angeles City Council meeting to support the proposed San Onofre Safety Resolution. Southern California Edison is doing everything it can to restart their defective Reactor Unit 2 by June 1st — without fixing it first!  We need a large crowd at this meeting to encourage the City Council to pass the resolution. The resolution unanimously passed the Energy and Environment Committee, and we need swift passage by the full council on Tuesday.

Los Angeles City Council
John Ferraro Council Chamber, Rm 340
City Hall
200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
San Onofre is Item #3 on the agenda.
See City Council Video website for audio and video of this meeting.


Proposed San Onofre Resolution:

…the City of Los Angeles hereby includes in its 2013-2014 Federal Legislative Program SUPPORT for action by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to

  • make no decision about restarting either San Onofre unit until it has fully reviewed public safety through a prudent, transparent, and precautionary process, has allowed independent experts and the public ample opportunity to comment, and has confirmed that Southern California Edison has completed any resulting mandated repairs, replacements, or other actions necessary to guarantee both short- and long-term safe operation of San Onofre.
  • Furthermore, the City encourages the NRC to take the time needed to independently determine whether or not the information, analysis and actions provided by Southern California Edison constitute a solid technical basis for the adequate protection of the public and resumption of operations.

See full resolution…

Other things you can do:

    • Email and call the following four Council members and tell them to support the LA City Council Resolution on San Onofre safety:
Councilmember Joe Buscaino (213) 473-7015
Key staff: dennis.gleason@lacity.org, doane.liu@lacity.org, ryan.ferguson@lacity.org
Councilmember Tom LaBonge 213-473-7004
Key Staff:  carolyn.ramsay@lacity.org, Lisa.schechter@lacity.org
Councilmember Paul Krekorian 213-473-7002
Key Staff: areen.ibranossian@lacity.org matt.hale@lacity.org
Councilmember Mitchell Englander 213-473-7012
Key staff: Nicole.Bernson@lacity.org.

I support this resolution strongly, as it calls for meaningful and transparent opportunities for the public and independent experts to weigh in and for repairs that guarantee short and long term safety to be completed before a decision on restart is made. I want you to support this resolution for safety, too.

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