11/30/2012 Laguna Hills NRC meeting: Edison plan to restart broken San Onofre nuclear reactor

Southern California Edison is proposing to restart the defective Unit 2 San Onofre nuclear reactor WITHOUT fixing it first, even though both Unit 2 and 3 reactors are the most defective in U.S. History.  Please attend this meeting and print this handout of why San Onofre Nuclear Reactors should not be Restarted.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will meet with Edison to discuss their response to the NRC Confirmatory Action Letter of March 27, 2012, concerning actions required to be taken to address steam generator tube degradation at San Onofre nuclear power plant.  The public is invited to observe this meeting and will have an opportunity to communicate with the NRC after the business portion, but before the meeting is adjourned.

Hills Hotel map and parkingDATE & TIME:  
Friday, November 30th, 2012
6:00 p.m – 9:00 pm
4 p.m. Press Conference outside Hills Hotel by Coalition to Decommission San Onofre
The Hills Hotel   949-586-5000
25205 La Paz RoadLaguna Hills, CA
The Hills Hotel offers free parking (about 350 spaces for the entire hotel).  Overflow parking may be available across the street. 

This is a Category 1 meeting between NRC and Edison. This meeting will include a technical presentation by Edison on the basis, methodology, and conclusions of their efforts to identify the cause(s) of the unexpected steam generator tube wear, the corrective actions taken to address the cause(s), and the basis for continued safe operation of Unit 2. Through dialogue with Edison representatives, NRC staff will ensure that they understand the information presented. Utilizing the information provided by Edison in their October 3, 2012, response to the Confirmatory Action Letter, and the information provided during the meeting, the NRC staff will conduct inspections and evaluations to determine if Edison has satisfied their commitments documented in the March 27, 2012, Confirmatory Action Letter. The SCE presentation and dialogue with the NRC is expected to require the majority of the meeting time.

The NRC purposely chose a facility that would only hold 400 people, although local citizens requested a facility that would hold 1000 people, since that is the expected public attendance, based on past meetings.

Electronic copies of relevant documents, including the March 27, 2012, Confirmatory Action Letter and Edison’s October 3, 2012, response to the Confirmatory Action Letter, can be downloaded at the following website: http://www.nrc.gov/info-finder/reactor/songs/tube-degradation.html

NRC Participants:

Art Howell, USNRC Region IV, Director, SONGS Special Project
Greg Werner, USNRC Region IV, Confirmatory Action Letter Inspection Lead
Doug Broaddus, USNRC, Branch Chief, DORL, NRR
Greg Warnick, USNRC, Senior Resident Inspector, SONGS

Southern California Edison Participants:

Pete Dietrich, Senior Vice President & Chief Nuclear Officer
Tom Palmisano, Vice President, Engineering
Doug Bauder, Vice President and Station Manager

Webcast (Video)

This meeting will be available via public webcast at http://video.nrc.gov. The video stream will be active approximately one hour prior to the meeting start. The audio stream will be available once the meeting begins. The webcast will be one-way (i.e., webcast participants will not have the ability to ask questions during the meeting).

Teleconference (Audio)

To listen to the meeting, call via the following toll-free number: 1-888-913-9973. Participants will need to enter passcode 9941895 to enter the meeting. This is a “listen only” line.

Submit questions or comments regarding the meeting to OPA4.Resource@nrc.gov.

Meeting Contact: Ryan Lantz, Chief SONGS Special Projects Branch (817) 200-1173 Ryan.Lantz@nrc.gov

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3 Responses to 11/30/2012 Laguna Hills NRC meeting: Edison plan to restart broken San Onofre nuclear reactor

  1. jt says:

    Im sick and tired of these arrogant flakes playing God with our lives. They speak as no one has a say.Let me tell them something, and in hopes that they read these messages, you have another thing coming!

  2. Paul Andersen says:

    I live in Hemet, less than 50 miles east of an on shore wind from S/O. I’m one of many who would face exterminationin a rupture. Why, why, why take a chance on re-operating this failed plant !!! Please do not let GREED rule the day and ruin a great state; California.

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