Tell your senators: Keep San Onofre shut down

Please support this action from Friends of the Earth. They are working to help keep us safe from a nuclear disaster at San Onofre.

The San Onofre nuclear plant has been shut down for more than three months now due to damage to key equipment in both of its reactors.

The reactors’ operator, Southern California Edison, has yet to determine the extent of the damage, yet it recently announced plans to restart them as early as June, potentially endangering the millions of Californians living within miles of the plant.

Edison needs permission from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to restart the reactors, and it is doing everything in its power to get that approval.

Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein are tracking the problems at San Onofre — and they have the power to influence the NRC’s decision. Over the past month, Friends of the Earth activists in California have sent 2,557 messages to each senator urging action. Just last week, Senator Boxer sent a tough letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission calling on the agency to release information on the problems that led to the reactors’ malfunction.

Your voices are making a difference, and Senators Boxer and Feinstein need to keep hearing from Californians. Click here to thank Sen. Boxer for taking action, and to urge both senators to keep on the case of the NRC. Public safety and the environment must take priority above Edison’s profits.

Edison wants to restart the reactors in a matter of weeks — before it has fully identified the problems and figured out whether or not they can actually be solved. If the company is allowed to move forward, Californians could be facing a radioactive crisis.

Senator Boxer heads the committee that oversees the NRC and Senator Feinstein controls the NRC’s purse strings. They can demand disclosure of information, hold hearings to probe the problem at the reactors and pressure the NRC to keep them shut down.

Senators Boxer and Feinstein need to hear from you that you expect them to look out for Californians’ safety. Demand that the San Onofre reactors remain shut down — send your message to Senators Boxer and Feinstein today. 

For a clean and safe energy future,
Damon Moglen
Climate and energy project director, Friends of the Earth

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5 Responses to Tell your senators: Keep San Onofre shut down

  1. CaptD says:

    This will HELP, please take the time to do it today!

  2. CaptD says:

    When SoCal folks think Location, Location, Location, now one of the most important things is:
    “How close am I and or are we downwind from a potential Nuclear Reactor Meltdown”

    Lets use Southern California as an example:

    What would happen to property values in SoCal if SORE, (San Onofre Reactor Emergency) suffered a meltdown like Fukushima for ANY reason, like an EQ (Earth Quake), terrorism, Tsunami, operator error or just “because it can”? Ask your Leaders for their thoughts!

    Per the NRC: Fact Sheet on Nuclear Insurance and Disaster Relief

    In short, if there is more than $12 Billion in damages, residents are left holding a empty radioactive bag! This is only a tiny fraction of what it will cost in Fukushima, which is estimated to be about a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster!

    What is the value of all the homes and Commercial property downwind of SORE?
    Probably at least several TRILLION dollars…

    Here is a great graphic that will help everyone visualize what is downwind of any of the US reactors! NRDC Nuclear Fallout Map:
    Just click on a reactor and zoom in…

    Where will the US Government get the REST of the money if it happened at SORE (or a reactor where you live) next week, probably from Social Security and or Medicare? Where will people relocate to and for how long?

    In reality, ALL those affected are doomed! Tens of thousands are still living in nuclear refugee camps in Japan and it has been over a year since their triple meltdowns which are BTW still sending radioactive pollution Globally!

  3. CaptD says:

    NUCLEAR POWER: Still Not Viable without Subsidies
    Very informative…

  4. CaptD says:

    Severe nuclear reactor accidents likely every 10 to 20 years, European study suggests
    + A Great diagram…

  5. Dean says:
    Jul 8 Sunday 1-4pm, Irvine: From A Fukushima Survivor to Japan: “Don’t Restart the Nukes!” @ 4255 Campus Dr. UniversityCenter #A-200 Irvine, CA92612
    1PM Talk by Chieko Shiina (Japanese/ English) 2PM Discussion (English/ Japanese) 3PM Film Screening “Three Eleven” Co-sponsor: Organize for Fukushima Women Against Nuclear Power in LA Contact: Yukari Aoi (949)230-9002, Shuichi Ito 714-307-9200

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