02/21/2012 San Clemente City Council Meeting

Please attend Tuesday’s 6 pm San Clemente City Council meeting.  The city council needs to know you are concerned about the problems at San Onofre and that the public needs immediate access to radiation levels in the air we breath and about potential health effects of living near this nuclear plant.

The city council has been ignoring our request for independent radiation monitoring.  Currently, the public has no access to timely radiation data.  If you don’t show, they will assume you don’t care. We need hundreds of people to at this meeting. If possible, wear red to show your support. Please share this information.

If you live within 50 miles of San Clemente, you are at higher health risks from radiation leaks, especially if you breath in the radiation or eat food that has been contaminated.

Petitions will be available for the California Nuclear Initiative.

San Clemente City Council Meeting
100 Avenida Presidio
San Clemente, CA  92672

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