Shutdown has no impact on wholesale energy prices

California has so much excess electricity-generating capacity, the shutdown of San Onofre Nuclear power plant last week had no impact on wholesale electricity prices, data from the California Independent System Operator showed.

California has a huge amount of gas plant capacity that’s not running at any time during the day. Idling natural gas-fired turbines stepped up to meet the current demand.

Many Californians probably remember high power prices in 2001 and 2002 that led to rolling brownouts across the state. Since then, developers built generators that added thousands of megawatts of local capacity to the grid, and that power has been augmented in recent years by the construction of huge wind and solar generators.

See ENERGY: Electricity market unperturbed by offline nuke plant – NC Times 02/09/2012

See Energy Options for more reasons we don’t need San Onofre for energy — even in the summer.

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2 Responses to Shutdown has no impact on wholesale energy prices

  1. Joe says:

    Just more reason to shut this problematic nuke plant down.

  2. CaptD says:

    The industry is pushing “New Nuclear” but it is like the ice men telling folks to buy new ice boxes instead of the new fangled refrigerators that put the ice men out of business! If people have a real choice and are not made to swallow Nuclear Baloney (NB) by the Industry and or their powerful lobbyists then America and the world will be a much safer place by starting to Shift to Solar (of all flavors) ASAP!

    Remember America cannot afford a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster…

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