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Cause of steam generator problems at San Onofre

The word from insiders at the [San Onofre nuclear] plant is that the problem stems from [steam generator] pipes being configured in such a way as to have unintentionally created a situation where water passes through the tubes at such … Continue reading

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Radiation levels increase in San Onofre cooling system

“…radiation levels in the plant’s cooling system [Unit 2] doubled from January to February 2011 and continued to climb through the end of the year. ..increasing levels of radiation in the water that cools the reactor probably indicates that the … Continue reading

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Kyle Thiermann surfing for change

This video from Kyle Thiermann explains some of the serious problems with relying on nuclear energy for electricity, including footage from Fukushima and problems with a proposal for a new nuclear power plant in South Africa.

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3/11/2012 Peaceful Rally and Protest – San Onofre

Attend peaceful rally and protest of continued risky and costly operation of San Onofre nuclear power plant March 11, 2012 — One year Fukushima Daiichi Disaster Anniversary 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM For details, please visit Citizens Oversite Projects or call 619-820-5321 … Continue reading

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NRC 2/9/2012: San Onofre operator errors caused 11/1/2011 ammonia leak emergency alert

A Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) February 9, 2012 Inspection Report says operator error caused the San Onofre Nuclear Generator Station (SONGS) ammonia leak that resulted in the November 1, 2011 Emergency Alert at the nuclear power plant. This is just another in … Continue reading

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Shutdown has no impact on wholesale energy prices

California has so much excess electricity-generating capacity, the shutdown of San Onofre Nuclear power plant last week had no impact on wholesale electricity prices, data from the California Independent System Operator showed. California has a huge amount of gas plant … Continue reading

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Questions for Edison

The 02/08/2012 OC Register article “Nuclear plant’s neighbors want radiation monitors” covered the 02/07/2012 San Clemente Council meeting, where citizens expressed concerns about lack of radiation data, the need for an independent radiation monitoring system for the public, the need for studies to identify potential … Continue reading

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